IF RECOMMENDED BY YOUR ARTIST, apply supplied A&D ointment twice a day for three or four days. Wash hands before applying, and put a tiny amount of the A&D Ointment on tattoo. Using your palm, apply pressure and work ointment INTO tattoo.

– DO NOT Pick, scratch, poke, prod, soak, or rub your tattoo. When it gets itchy, either smack it, or burn it in the shower. If you turn the hot water to the point you can barely tolerate it, it will fell heavenly orgasmic, and stop the itching for a few hours.

– DO NOT Go swimming, hot tubbing, river rafting, mud wrestling, or bathing for at least 2 weeks after tattoo. You CAN and MUST shower, but try not to soak it in a bath. Especially a bath full of all that girlie stuff women like to put in there.

– DO NOT Listen to your friends about the aftercare of your tattoo. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION CALL THE PARLOUR. Your friends WILL VOID your warranty with their dumbassed remedies. They did NOT do the tattoo, so do NOT listen to them during the healing process.

– DO NOT Pick any scabs that may occur. This will also not be covered by warranty.

– DO NOT Over use the ointment. Too much can be worse than none. Dirt and bacteria will stick to it and could possibly infect your tattoo. You can also bleed ink out if you keep the cut too wet. You want it to heal naturally. If you think it is infected see a doctor.