About Renegade


How do you write a bio on yourself without sounding like you are blowing your own horn? Ahhh, who cares!!!! Here is the background check!

I believe I got my first tattoo when I was 14. It was terrible. Done in a kitchen with a walkman motor and Bic pen. It REALLY sucked!!! It was supposed to be an anchor with a skull smashing through it. It looked like a messed up skull with two misshapen penis heads coming off it!

What was I going to do? What COULD I do? I was 14, no parlour was going to fix this darned thing! Well then I met Mike. He also worked out of his house, but was of much higher caliber than the first jackass. Mike covered it and did 12 more by the time I was 16. That was that, I was sent to live in St Catharines from Thunder Bay.

I continued to collect my tattoos, and have always been into various artistic forms of expression. Well I ended up getting ripped off by a local big name parlour, and another even "bigger" named artist. I decided to try my hand at the game.
Piecing together a scar-slinger out of a walkman motor and Bic pen (wow, the things of nightmares), I started to hit flesh. That didn't go over too well. I put that thing away and laid off the tattooing for a year or two.

While managing a pretty cool restaurant, my interest was again sparked by another former tattoo "artist". Feeding me lines of crap, my passion for tattoos was refueled. That apprenticeship went pretty sour and I cut off and decided to keep pluggin away at it. I worked for 8 years out of my houses, and finally opened a little crap-hole parlour in West Hill.
Keeping the place running for 2.5 years was an accomplishment, as the building SUCKED!!!!! It was so bad there, I ended up painting the place an ugly mustard yellow, and the neighbours actually not only thanked me, but helped!!! HA!

I moved across from the Beer Store and opened the parlour I REALLY wanted finally. Running for over a year in this location, the place just continued getting better and better, as did my skills!

Too much happens in such little time. My father took very ill a while back, and we shipped him off to Petawawa, as my sister is a nurse up here.  After his condition worsened, I decided to relocate to a parlor here. That went a bit sour, so before there were any major issues, I decided to cut loose and give it full throttle out of the house again. Odd how we always seem to return to our roots……… anyway, long of the short, after establishing great clientele and tremendous support, another store front will be opening May 01. BOOOYYYAAHH!!!!

I have done a great deal of my own work on myself, including using my off-hand. The pride and joy I take in being able to sling my ink is evident in every piece I pump out. That pride extends to the FULL lifetime of the tattoo. I warranty my work for 99 years or 6 months after you die. After all, that is how long it is there for.

Health Board inspected and passing every time, I give excellent work without the arrogance associated with this industry.